We can help customers to customize products and mold solutions, to achieve mass production from the concept.

Products Design

We can carry out product design according to the needs of customers, our product design content mainly includes: performance, structure, specifications, model, material, internal and external quality, service life, reliability and use conditions and other requirements. We can customize different solutions according to the different needs of customers to help customers achieve from concept to mass production

Mould Design

We believe quality begins with mould design capability and consider it to be the key to successful mould making. At Giant Star we have invested in both people and technology to ensure that our designs meet your highest expectations.

Our teams consists of 10 experienced mould designers utilizing the latest engineering software to directly take the clients CAD model into mould design. All plastic mould designs are then validated to our clients tooling standards and moulding specifications.


Our engineering and mould-making technology includes:

1.Pro/ENGINEER(3D Modeling)

2.SolidWorks(3D Modeling)

3.Cimatron(3D Modeling)

4.AutoCAD(2D Modeling)

5.Unigraphics(CNC Programming)

6.CNC Machining Centers

7.CNC EDM’s(Electro-Discharge Machining)

8.Wire-Cut Machines

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